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Deposit dispute despite paying for cleaning charges before leaving the property

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We moved out of our property just over a month ago, and are going through getting our deposit money back. The landlord would like to take some money from us, despite us following our contract and paying for external cleaners and a deinfestation treatment (we had a dog), as well as getting the curtains dry cleaned. the 3 points she has raised with us are:

  1. Taking money to clean the carpets
  2. Getting the curtains re-cleaned (she hasnt specified an amount for this, we have contacted the drycleaners and they will re-clean for free – what we are more worried about is the landlady charging for labour)
  3. taking money to replace bathroom taps. She has stated that we have taken the varnish off the taps in the bathroom. – We have responded showing evidence of the taps when we moved in which were already tarnished and it is also stated on our check in report. No mention in the check out report. 

For all these points we have re-submitted our reciepts to the landlady but she is refusing to lower the charges. So we have decided to take it to the ADR. What we would like to know is; Despite having already paid for thourough cleaning of the property do they still have a case? Equally if the check in report stated that the taps were tarnished and the check out report shows no mention what evidence would they have to produce to show that we did the damage?

All of these claims have come from her rather than the check-out report, which states that it was left in a better state of cleanliness before we moved in.  

Unfortunatley the house was her home for many years before we moved in so she has a clear emotional attachement to it, which has been shown through every response. We havent had the best relationship with them due to the fact we had water come into the house during the flooding a couple of years ago and had to fight to prove the house was uninhabitable.

Thanks in advance for any advice

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Okay, so first of all relax. You seem like a responsible tenant and have taken cared of the problems yourself. Now about the claims: 

1. She can’t deduct for something that showed up in the move in report, regardless of it not showing up in the move out inspection. If anything, you have the photos, so she can’t touch you about. 

2. You said the dry cleaners are coming back for a free re-clean, she can’t possibly charge you for labour since she’s not cleaning them herself. If she does, than that’s her choice over letting the professionals do their job. 

3. She wants the carpets cleaned, which is a valid request, having in mind you have a dog. Did the cleaning company clean your carpets when you moved out ? If so, she needs a valid reason to request a re-clean. 

If you dog has peed on the carpet, this might be difficult to mitigate, but it’s the only possible thing she can hope to fight for. Overall, it’d be pretty calm, since you really made an effort to clean after youtself, this will show up in the ADR and I suspect they are going to rule in your favour. 

It just seems like she’s trying to nittpick and just scrape your back for as much as she possibly can. 


Hope this helps, 

Audrey Wright 

Friendly Tenancy Helpers

End of Tenancy Cleaners London


Hi Audrey, 

Thanks so much for the re-assurance, sometimes it just helps to have an outside view! I think we are happy to move on to the ADR now. 

The carpets were cleaned and de-infested as per our rental contract, and we have the reciepts, but that actually makes up the smaller part of her claim so less worried. 

It is hard as we scourered the contract to make sure we did all we could to avoid this, so we were surprised when she made the claims. 

Thanks again!




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