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Deposit Dispute

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I have a long running dispute with my landlord and letting agent over the return of my deposit. I moved out on 13th Feb 2016 and have yet to come to an agreement with the agents over the amount of deposit they want to deduct. 

The final point we are arguing about is the cleaning of carpets. It is a small 2 bedroom flat with only a small hallway and small bedroom carpeted. Firstly they wanted to charge a ridiculous amount to clean the two carpeted areas and then when I pressed them for an invoice they came back with a copy of the invoice. Through checking online the flat is now up for rent with brand new carpets. I again pressed them on this and got a reply that the carpets couldn’t been cleaned to the standard the landlord deemed acceptable so he replaced them. 

Should I be charged for cleaning if the carpets have been replaced? The flat was left in a good state, throughly cleaned although I admit not professionally cleaned. 

To try to get me to agree to pay the agents are threatening that if I dispute the amount then they will charge for the cleaning and replacement of the carpets. I want to dispute it but don’t want to be charged even more should the dispute be found in their favour. 

I should add this is an agent and landlord who tried to charge me for a light bulb being out…

Any advice would be much appreciated. 

Thank you 

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Hi Liam

These charges may or may not be legitimate- as I have no specifics or evidence either way I cannot advise you there.

However- the Deposit Regulation was set up to easily resolve any such issues.

All you have to do is contact the body your deposit is registered with (TDS, DPS or TDSL) and raise a ‘dispute’. When a dispute is raised, what then happens is that the Landlord/Agent must return any and all undisputed funds and ONLY the amount in dispute then gets handled by the regulator who then acts as an arbitrator between both parties. This service is completely free.

You will each have to complete documents detailing your side of events, including any and all supporting evidence, and, once reviewed, the regulator will then reach a decision and allocate the funds directly to each party as they deem fair.

If either party are still unhappy thereafter, the matter can be taken to Court but this is both expensive and it is incredibly rare that they would overturn a decision by the regulator.

This is all done free of charge and ensures you get any undisputed funds back immediately.

Hope that is helpful.

Service provider


The deductions for carpet cleaning / replacement should also take fair wear and tear into consideration. This would take into account how long you have been in the property for, if the carpets were new / cleaned when you moved in, plus other factors.

You ultimately cannot be charged twice as the Agent has advised. You should either be charged for the cleaning or the replacement, if you was at all responsible.

To add to the above post, if your Agent/Landlord has already unprotected your deposit then you have only 90 days to raise a dispute; therefore it would be better to raise this sooner rather than later just in case!


Service provider

Hi Liam, 

If you would like to get in touch with us regarding your deposit dispute then please do not hesitate to get in touch! On our website we also have a section ‘Your Rights’ where you may find the help and advice you’re looking for. 

I hope this helps and this issue gets resolved soon! 


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