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Deposit not properly protected

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I have established that the deposit was not properly reprotected when a joint AST I had with my partner ended and a new sole tenancy arose under my name only. There is no valid prescribed information for my AST – all I have is PI relating to the previous joint A ST clearly not matching my tenancy.

How do I go about claiming compensation for the failure to reprotect – what’s the procedure? I have been served with an Accelerated Procedure Claim form which I know I can defend because of the failure to reprotect the deposit correctly.

Should I start proceedings against the landlord now or wait until the Court hearing judgement regarding the Section 21 ?


Hello, please use our guide on deposit protection and claiming compensation. We published a new PDF guide dedicated to your exact problem, with ready made template letters. It will help you claim compensation for your unprotected deposit. 

Download it from this page –

The evidence you have about the deposit protection failure will help you counter the eviction and make the landlord take a step back until the deposit is sorted. However, you must really get advice from a certified solicitor, Shelter or Citizen Advice on how to proceed with a counter – claim or an appeal. 

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