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Deposit not protected

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my ex Landlord hasn’t protected my deposit, so I need advice on how to ask for compensation.

There is an issue that troubles me, basically I used my home address as registered company address for a company that I opened in 2015.

Such company has never traded and is in fact dormant.

Now when I sent her the letter before action she threatened me to be sued from her because I have breach the tenancy agreement.

So I wonder how to proceed in this particular situation, since it’s true that in the tenancy agreement is stated that I cannot conduct any business activity in the house, but it’s true also that I’ve never traded.

Also she wasn’t complying with another mandatory regulation, which obliges the landlord to install CO detectors in the house, with a fine from 1000 to 5000 pounds.

There were also other abusive behaviours but I think this is enough for my case.

I left the house 7 month ago and she returned in whole my deposit.

What are your thoughts?


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You really need to contact a solicitor and find out if registering a company on the property’s address is in fact an act of conducting business on the property grounds. 

If it is confirmed, I suggest you just move on with your life – you have received your deposit after all. 

If it is not confirmed, you can go forward with the claim for compensation and we can put you in touch with a solicitor company which specialises in these types of claims. 


Can I claim compensation 9 months after I have moved out of the property, my Landlord had nt put my deposit into the DPS scheme.


What is wrong with you people???  

You got your deposit back – end of story.    Did you lose out?  NO!!!   Get on with your life.


As far as registering a company at a residential property – landlords put in clauses asking tenants NOT to do this… for a multitude of reasons.  Whether or not that company traded is neither here nor there.  You registered a company there = you broke the tenancy agreement = you broke the law.  It’s not rocket science!!!  

To think that you then also want to try to make money from a landlord who has already paid back your deposit in full is reprehensible.  Be grateful that your landlord didn’t withold some of your deposit for breaking the terms of your tenancy in the first instance.

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