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Deposit Not Protected!

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We recently moved out of our house after a 12 month rental stint to get used to the area.

However, it transpires that our letting agent didn’t protect our deposit and although the staff were really friendly, it didn’t stop them from holding back £220 from our deposit for a broken bath (which was already broken when we moved in)!

My wife received a junk email the other day from a company called and I was wondering if anyone had heard of them? They say that they can help us to get compensation of 3 times the deposit if it wasn’t protected properly?

Has anyone heard of this?



Yes. If your landlord or letting agent has failed to protect your deposit or has protected it late (after 31 days) then you are entitled to claim compensation of 1 times but not more than 3 times the deposit. You can also claim your deposit back. rnYou can do this yourself by filling in a N1 claim form.

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