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deposit not returned yet

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I need some advice, in March 2016 I rented a room via Healthlands agency, I paid deposit, signed the contract for 6 month with 3 months break clause. The agent told me I will receive the contract once is signed by the owner but it never happened.

I moved out after 3 moths in June 2016, I gave the agent 6 weeks notice. He just replied to leave the keys in the mail box at his agency.

Since June I’ve been trying to contact the agent and get my deposit back, sent him many emails, tried to call him but without answer. In November 2016 the agent answered my phone and said the deposit will come in a week time but it did not and my calls are not answered again.

I checked will all deposit protection schemes and my deposit was not protected.

I am considering my options and not sure what to do???

I do not have the contract, no photos of the property when I left, I have only a receipt of the holding deposit paid and my bank account statements of the rest of the deposit and all the rents paid.

Is there any way I can do something to get my deposit back?

Please help

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Hello Eva, 

If your deposit was not properly protected, or at all, you have a sure-fire claim in the small claims court, where you can receive a compensation of up to 3 times the deposit amount. 

It doesn’t matter if you have an inventory, a tenancy agreement, or anything else. You only need to prove that you paid a deposit and that it hasn’t been protected. 

However, as going to courts is the last option you need to try, you should just use this information to put pressure on your landlord and force them to return back the money. 

Even if they originally wanted to deduct from your money, you can use the leverage to get your deposit back in full. 

As this is a frequent question tenants ask, we published a guide in two parts that helps you get your deposit protected properly (step one) or if that never happens, claim compensation from the court (step two). 

It will give you more detailed information and template letters to take off figuring out the proper wording from your plate. 

Download it for free here –

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