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Deposit problems

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I moved out of a property in April 2016. There was a month arrears and the place was not cleaned when I left. 

Between April and July I pestered the management company for a resolution to my deposit issue as I wanted to free up the deposit to cover the arrears. I accepted I was not getting it back and this was fine. No invoice or claim was made for cleaning or maintenance of any kind, but my deposit remained with the TDS. 

End of July and after the 90 day dispute window with the TDS I get a £500 invoice for damages etc. The invoice is not broken down, and is from the landlord themselves. 

I dispute it instantly as it does not explain what it is for.

Eventually I recieve another one, this time for £430. Broken down into sections. I dispute again as the costs seem way too high for cleaning of a small apartment, I ask for proof that it cost so much. I get nothing.

I hear nothing for 2 months. Then suddenly in October and without any word I get a letter from the TDS telling me the deposit had been withdrawn. 

I email the property manager, they ignore me. 

Then last month, fully 10 months after checking out, I recieve a letter saying the landlord is taking me to court over the unpaid rent. As they had used the deposit to cover the damages/dilapidations meaning the rent was still owed. 

Do I have any recourse? I never accepted the costs and never saw any proof of them. 

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Seeing that the deposit has left the scheme we can’t really help you out with anything. 

Please contact a solicitor and seek consultation on this matter. It’s very likely for the landlord to succeed and get a CCJ in your name, if you don’t take this to a professional. 

Apart from owing the money, a CCJ for rent arrears will be devastating for your future referencing and background checks. This stays visible for 6 years and is public information. I think it’s more serious than just a month’s worth of arrears. 
You can find links to organizations and companies that offer low-to-no cost legal advice and representation in our tenant resources section

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