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Deposit received with a difference

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I lived for a year in an apartment as a private renal. Initially paid deposit of £1650 and after few months the estate agent who was managing the apartment  on behalf of the landlord send us new deposit certificate with deposit protected for £1575. When asked for the diffrence of £75 was told that it was in error from the begining. I contacted both the deposit scheme service providers and they said they cant do nothing!



If you do have a receipt for the initial sum, you can request these 75 be refunded to you. If the landlord refuses threaten legal action. 

The law requires the landlord to protect the full sum of the deposit within 30 days and to issue you with prescribed information. Your landlord hasn’t protected the full amount and hasn’t accounted for the difference in 75 pounds. 

This makes them liable to pay you compensation 1 – 3 times the amount of the deposit. 

IF you can prove it in court, the court cannot deny your right for compensation, only moderate the amount. 

Find more information about this in our free PDF guide –

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