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Deposits on two pets after one passes away

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A neighbor of mine had two dogs and paid two deposits for them. One of the dogs passed away a few months ago. Recently my neighbor found another dog and both the new dog and her other dog get along really well and she would like to keep both of them if she can not find the owner of the dog that she just found. The Manager told her that she has to pay another deposit for the other dog if she plans to keep it. I don’t think that makes sense and it does not seem fair. What do you think?

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Hi Kim

What does her tenancy say? Normally, the tenancy will name the pet so she might need to get the tenancy amended for the new pet.

With the deposit – perhaps she should ask if they’re going to refund the deposit amount for the pet that is no longer there? After all it’s no longer necessary now. It doesn’t make sense, no. If the agent needs a deposit to cover two dogs that’s what they already have.



The Manager has not addressed this matter again as of yet. What I have asked my neighbor to do is two fold. First, I have helped my neighbor to draw up a letter to outline the scenerio and concerns asking management to please reconsider and/or provide a tenant law to address the exact matter. Also, my neighbor will try to get other tenants in our complex to sign off on the letter as well. I told my neighbor to meet with the manager in person and to talk it over constructively and that I would be happy to go with her as well. Another avenue is the fact that my neighbor does have alot of medical issues and I know she can always get a letter from her doctor stating that she needs a another companion pet but I think that in the end, she can work this out…at least I hope so.   

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