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desperate for help, landlord unhappy

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Hi all,
Desperately after some advice so here goes. Me and my best friend took out a 12 month tenancy, I had a girlfriend at the time who lived 30 miles away in a different council district in the same county, she was living alone renting privately with her 3 year old son and was getting help with her rent from the council and working also.
My best friend had a son and an ex partner who moved out of the country and he was visiting them occasionally in the mean time. He is now moving over there and also in the mean time my partner cell pregnant. 
So what has happened in a space of a few days was that my best friend moved out and my partner moved in as that’s what we wanted and I couldn’t afford to pay for the house on my own.
The problem I am having is that the agents and landlord are not happy about this as I explained that having references done on my girlfriend will fail as she was left in debt by her ex partner and has rent arrears.
She has been moved in for 2 weeks and we are still waiting for the claim for housing benefit.
The agent threatened to serve a section 21 against me, what I have had to do is tell them that she has moved out and my best mate has moved back in.
She is 5 months pregnant and very worried what will happen. I have paid rent yesterday for avother month and have offered to pay another month to give the landlord confidence and even tried offering to pay the remainder of the tenancy…
 They are having none of it . 
Apparently the landlord is worried as she doesn’t know who is living in her house, this was never here home as she bought it as a retirement investment and was bought and let straight away with nothing done to the property.
 All we want is to have our baby in peace.
I have never missed any rent payments and I know I am responsible for the property.
Even if I was to do references I can’t afford to at the moment with saving for the baby and with me paying for the whole property and living until tax credits and housing benefits are sorted.
Tenancy was taken in April 2014 and ends 2015 April 
Please can you guys give some advice.
She has no where else to go and I don’t want her to

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Hi James

This sounds like a very complicated situation, very difficult for you both. In terms of the actual tenancy is your friend’s name still on it, is that why there’s a problem? It would have been a good idea to get permission before changing the tenants – that is probably why the landlord is having a wobble – but perhaps if you acknowledge that to the landlord and agent and indicate that you just want to fix the situation and continue paying rent it might appease them. You could then go through the official changing of tenants on the tenancy agreement so all the documents are right and the landlord knows who is in the property.

In terms of your girlfriend’s rent arrears, is there anyone who could act as a guarantor for her? That normally provides enough reassurance for a landlord or agent to get around a failed credit check.  There’s more info on guarantors here.

Good luck, we hope it’s sorted soon.


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