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Desperately want to move out

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Hi everyone

I’m in a tricky situation and would appreciate some advice. I moved on 1 September into a flatshare and signed a 1 year lease (no break clause). It’s only been a month, but I’m already extremely miserable. I decided to move out, then tried to stick it out, but the situation with the other 2 girls has gotten so much worse that I need to leave. I have found a place I would like to live and can move in at the end of the month, and the other 2 girls have found a replacement, but they are saying that as this was my decision, they will not pay any fees associated with signing a new tenancy agreement. They think I should pay the entirety of the £700 fees. 

If I don’t pay the fees then they will simply refuse to sign a new agreement, and I will still be on the lease. And therefore liable for the rent. 

It’s not a decision I’m taking lightly but I’m starting to get very depressed being in an environment where I’m verbally attacked on an almost daily basis. Will I really have to endure another year of this?

It’s already a stretch financially to pay out another deposit before I get mine back (or part of it, who knows). I can’t afford to pay £700 for (someone else’s) new lease.

Please help! 🙁

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Unfortunately, you’re really left with no solution other than to cough up the money. 

The way I read your post, I would guess that you’re on a joint tenancy with the other flat sharers. The only way to end a fixed term joint tenancy is for all the tenants AND the landlord to agree, and consecutively the tenants and landlord to form a new tenancy that does not include YOU. 

So, you’re left with no option other than to agree and follow their terms. Otherwise, you’re stuck with the lease you have signed. 

Furthermore, as the person who is “breaking” the lease, the moral obligation is yours to cover the expenses of changing the tenant.

Sorry, this isn’t the answer you’re looking to receive, BUT, this is the answer that is based on the facts. This is exactly why we’re always warning tenants to carefully choose who they live with. 

In fact, just yesterday we published a new guide on home security for tenants AND there is a big section towards the end talking about HMOs and their inherent link to stress and anxiety. I suggest you give it a glance, even though it won’t solve your problems. 

Link –

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