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Despicable landlord

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For over 7 months I was homeless and living in a tentn, in some people;s back garden and in a camping site, when I met someone I vaguely knew who told me he has a room to rent; so I took it; applied and was accepted as housing benefit claimant, the money came in regularly and have been there some 8 weeks.

The landlord though had a plan as he had a previous tenant/lodger and wanted him out; so told me – didn’t ask – told me to lie to the other person about myself being allergic to dogs, which I am not; and I refused.

He then concalled the other person’s housing benefit and forced him to pay off his own pocket the 53 pound rent he charges, for a place which si basically wrecked; a month later the other tenant find accomodation and moved out.

During that month there was a visit by two council officials to check the place, and it was them who unofficially said it is unfit to live in; on that day the landlord appears and again tells me to lie to the council, because I am suposed to be a lodger IF the landlord lives at the property, and he does not live at the property; so again I told him I would not lie on his behalf;

On anohter occasion – after a friend left with me two bicycles in need of repair he comes over one day and says “Mario my insurance is snooping on me you MUST get trid of all your bikes!” at which I said I am not doing business from this property, which is true, and what is more HE sold me a vintage bike for £50 pounds within the property; and I can prove that as well.

the latest is when he closed my housing benefit claim, don’t know if this is legal or not but it is certainly unethical,
just as he did with the previous tenant, and suggesting I shoudl do illegal busisness – pointing at the bikes – at which I again refused his insuting suggestions, and reported him to the council;

Goes without saying that I am not going to put a single penny towards the rent, have again reported him to the council and in the meantime sent a request ffor a health and safety inspection; it should happen sometime next week, and I am not woried whether the landlord will be or not present when the inspection arrives; am sure he is not expecting to be dealing with someone who is not going to give up to coercion just like that.

As these things go yesterday got a phone call from a landlord and next week I have an interview for a place; I know this housing association having been a tenant of their for several years until 2001, when I left to go abroad looking for work; I owe them not a single penny; but am slightly concerned as at the time I had severe problems with a violent neighbour and they did not once showed any interest in the matter, despite Police intervention;

To conclude am expecting more grief from this landlord, and if I manage to record him threatening me, I will call the Police; and surely mayhem will ensue.

Am not giving up; and will report here as time goes by.

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I don’t understand how a landlord can ‘cancel’ a Housing Benefit claim unless they tell the council you have moved out or are no longer liable for paying rent…you should contact the council and ask why your benefit was stopped. If they have a record of the landlord saying you have moved out you need to get some advice urgently from CAB or local Housing Officer as this is all very strange…why would he not want the benefit in payment? Presumably it is because he should not be letting the property…

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