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Dirty old house

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My husband rented a house while I am out of the country. He alredy  signed the contract and move in. The thing is that they removed the cooker he saw on the ad and in the house when he visited it twice, but their argument where that it was broken and later that it is an unfurnished house. They also avoided cleaning the house that was full of dust and still have some landlord stuff, it it’s also missing some knobs, the walls papers are falling on some spots and the badtube has one of the metalic borders out (this seems dangerous to me) Carpets and walls are very dirt and old.He’s english level is worse than mine and I’m having the feeling that they fooled him by offering solutions and taking them back when he paid. He has paid six month rent and entered on 22th of this month.

My question is if is there any friendly solution for this situation or if he just did wrong and we have to deal with it.

Thanks and regards


Hello Esther, 

Unfortunately, it’s WAY easier to avoid such a situation than to get out of one. 

Because your husband paid already and entered in occupation, there is almost no way for you to back out and leave the property (and not suffer even heavier financial burden.)

Also, all the promises and solutions were likely never intended to get done. If your husband never got them in writing, but in a “yeah we’ll fix that, no problem” manner, you’re likely not going to see anything get done. 

Is there any inventory done ? I would review and see how everything was listed. Very likely things were listed in better condition than they actually were. SO, you should review and come up with a list of changes and pass it to the landlord / agent to edit the document. 

Then you want to list every damage and pass it to the agents. 

Finally, to get any repairs done, you need to basically phone them, email them, go to their office EVERY chance you get and demand for repairs to be introduced. 

If a couple of months pass and you see no improvement, there is a procedure to do the work yourself or via contractor and charge the landlord for the bill out of your monthly rent. 

HOWEVER, this procedure is very delicate and if not conducted properly, you might face eviction charges for the missing rent. 

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