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Disagreement over Move in date - prospective tenants right

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my situation is relatively simple: I have been in contact with a letting agent to rent a property (viewing organised on dec 4th) and have decided to make an offer, which was retained by the Letting agent. I then accepted to pay the administration/referencing/holding fees (alltogether around 600 GBP, for 2 tenants). Following the referencing process, the Letting agent contacts me to let me know that everything is fine and that we can agree a move-in date (this was today, Dec 9th). I then declare that I want to move in the property on the start of January, to which the agent replies that the landlord wants to find someone who can move in ASAP and start undirectly threatening to pull out if I refuse to move in earlier. 

Now, we never agreed on a move-in date before to start the referencing process. 

Can the agent/landlord refuse to rent a property on the basis of a move-in date that does not suit the Landlord?

What happens to the administration/referencing fees in this case? are they refundable (although the referencing pocess has already taken place and with success)?

thanks for your answer

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It’s a little odd that there was no move in date agreed before the referencing process got under way – normally this would be a part of the offer as the date that you want to move will affect whether you’re an attractive tenant or not. Personally, this is something I would have clarified before handing over any money at all. However, yes I would have thought that you should be refunded the admin fee as that’s normally for the contract and administering the move in process. The referencing fee and the holding fee are difficult – I’m not sure whether you can wholly blame the agents for not clarifying the move in date. It’s probably work speaking to someone at Citizens Advice to see if they can shed any light on it.


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