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Discrimination Against A Friend Visiting Because There Homeless! NEED HELP

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Hiya i signed up to ask this question im really hoping someone can help me as soon as possible,

To give some background to understand my situation.

Im 18 years old and due to certain circumstances in my life i have to rent a flat to have somewhere to live, ive been renting in my flat for a about 4/5 months now and have always paid my rent bang on time and never had any issues with being too loud or playing music late at night/ banging on the walls etc so as far as i can see, im a good tenant. I have been on the streets before and know how hard it can be for homeless people, It also means i have met a fair few homeless people and 3 homeless people in my area in the past and i have became really close friends with and it started by me seeing them each day to give them money or food/drink etc to help them out as i always try and do when i see a homeless person and i have the spare money, one day i started having a lovely long conversation with a couple who beg together with there friend and they are the lovliest people in the world, they don’t do drugs, there polite and come across quite bubbly for people who have had the wrong cards dealt to them in life, now i live in the area and have my own accomodation and i would class all 3 as real friends of mine, they dont rely on me or use me for money/food/drinks we like to spend time with eachother as all people do with there friends and recently i have decided to invite them round to my flat im renting a few times maybe for a cup of tea or if i maybe cooked a large pasta bake have a hot meal with them or even watch a film again as all people do if they invite there friends round or have friends and a place they live to invite them round, having someone who genuinly cares about them is a big part of why we are so close because im not well off myself and money is a struggle but i always pay my rent on time but about 2 weeks ago i had a phone call from my letting agency saying my landlord was going to evict me but the letting agency talked him down and said they would speak to me to try and resolve an issue with them before it was taken so far, it turns out, a few people in the block of flats (the only one i know of being my neighbour opposite me where im on the top floor there are only 2 flats with the front doors facing eachother) have put in a few complaints that i have been inviting homeless people into the building and i have been told this needs to stop and also unrelated since i moved in a few times a homeless person has picked our block of flats as a place to sleep ( i do not know them but have asked them on 2 sepereate times to please move somewhere else as you will hear about in a minute), i am really at a loss here because i feel completly discriminated against and actually hurt, i have not had a great few years by any stretch of imagination but obviously a lot of people have had worse experiences but i have made 3 very close friends and now im being told that im not allowed to have them round to visit me purely based on the fact they dont have there own home, they have never nor would i allow them to stay the night as im not allowed overnight stays in my tenancy agreement and even if i was allowed i would be scared that where they’re homeless it would be classed as some form of subletting or lodging, they never stay round for longer then a hour or so unless say we are watching a film and then the max would be say 3 hours (so not rediculous) they are always polite to people, they don’t make noise or cause a nuisence, they are not the cleanest of people but that is a given as there homeless but i genuinly feel like i am being wronged in 2 ways, 1: I am being told my guests are being singled out and ONLY reason there not allowed in is a discriminatory reason that is there homeless and 2: im being mothered and feel controlled by a landlord and neighbours on which friends of mine im allowed to see or have visit me which is (sorry for the over exageration slightly i cant think of a better term at the moment) mentally traumatizing because with other things that i have dealt with even when im being a perfect tenant and neighbour people feel like they can inforce my friends and my guests based on prejudices against them! i need to know if someone has a answer, Is my landlord allowed to say im not allowed these 3 guests purely because there homeless? when they never stay over night, talk to other people and if they do its polite hello ( i mean as in they would never ask somone in the building for money ), they do not stay for unreasonable amounts of time (my girlfriend stays for a whole day at a time!) and cause no nuisence to anyone else in the building, the only way someone would know there there is if they see them walk up with me to my flat and back down again. They do not beg outside the flat or anything, this is a really big issue for me because it really hurts me knowing i have to say to them you’re not allowed to come round anymore because you don’t have anywhere to go when you leave thats warm and has a bed  with a shower.. i feel like the most evil person now..

The other issue is because this other person who is homeless sleeps in the building every now and then (this person does not come across homeless he is clean, wears a work jumper, has a phone etc so i suspect is a tenants boyfriend who sleeps in the halls when they have an arguement but thats speculation) and i have had these complaints recently about having homeless people visit me, my tenancy is at risk if this person keeps sleeping in the building and complaints keep getting put in because my landlord has said because i have had homeless people visit me they are saying its connected and i take full responsibility for this..   I am only 18, im not stupid but i really need help here because i feel like i am being bullied/picked on for issues that are either not a big deal(my first issue) or completly nothing to do with me(this issue), last time he slept on the stairs down from mine and my neighbours door ( i assume because its warmer the higher up you go and theres less people likely to bump into you) i wrote a complaint to my landlord in a attempt to protect myself, just explaining the situation and also stating other tenants do not lock the front door and leave it open which allows this person to come into the building, i have told this person to not sleep here and have explained im not being intentionly harsh but it is putting my place of living at risk and he moves when i say but earlier he was there again and i try be as polite as possible but if he wont listen to me and my landlord has not replied to my emails can anyone tell me if and unrealated incident where this person is sleeping in our apartment block is grounds for the landlord to evict me? i am an extremely anxious person and always look the front door not because i dont wan’t homeless people coming in but im always anxious someone might follow me into the building and things like that and im sure some of you will understand why im so concerned about this, im really sorry to make such a long post but i wanted to get as much background so it can be understood my perspective and the situation as unbiasedly as possible. 

Just to clarify my 3 close pals who used to visit me did not use drugs( im aware a lot of homeless people do ) and i myself dont smoke or use drugs except for alcohol and i do not have parties nor blare my music really loud, if i have my music up at a quite high volume i always turn it down around 8 at night becasue i used to live in a hostel and was taught those are the rules for most places in order to not get a asbo or the equivilent, Im only 18 and i have had a more life experience then i would of liked to for my age but i don’t want to feel that thats the reason why people are being so hard on me.

incase anyone didn’t want to read all of that which i understand i went on a lot and i am really sorry for that, here are my questions:

1: Can my landlord discriminate by not allowing 3 of my close friends to visit me purely based on the fact there homeless but allow anyone else who is either living with there parents still or just not homeless?

2: Can i be evicted because a homeless person i do not know has decided on numerous times to sleep in the building and because i did have ‘homeless people’ (my friends) visit and i have been told that regardless whether i know them or not i have to take full responsibility for any homeless people in the building?

i believe this one is a issue to the landlord more because people feel uncomfortable someone sleeping on the stares going down to the front door but either way im a anxious person and i am now forced to wake this man up and tell him to move and i don’t know how he will react or whether he will be aggresive towards me so makes me equally uncomfortable and without sounding like a whimp it scares me a little because in the past i have known people thats mood can switch very quickly and if i get woken up im never ever happy like most people im sure ahaha let alone then being told please go into the cold and sometimes rain!!

i appreciate any responses and i really am sorry for making this so long, i don’t know if people who post on here generally speaking are really blunt and to the point with there questions or because of the nature of the questions posted are quite long winded like my one! anyway thank-you in advance anyone who has the time to respond, have a lovely day!


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