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Discrimination against a Mother and Daughter, both working professionals seeking a flat

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Earlier today, I was speakint to an agent about a 1-bedroom property in West London that I was interested in viewing. When she said the landlord would not take a mother and daughter as tenants, only a single professional or a couple, I felt totally disgusted. In the 40 years I’ve lived and worked in London, this is the first instance where I felt discrimination. It’s wrong. This landlord has no clue who we are, and indeed we are respectable, hard-working professional people. What does anyone here think about this and is that landlord perfectly within their rights to rule against decent people such as ourselves.


Hello Fiona, 

I realise your frustration, but you need to consider the facts here:

You are two persons – mother and daughter – applying for a 1-bedroom flat. Even if you’re used to live in the same room and can manage the tight space, you will still be pushing the capacity of the property to it’s limits. 

It’s different than being a couple, because you require more space and probably have more stuff. Also, there may only be one bed. Surely you don’t suggest to sleep in one bed with your daughter. What about guests, boyfriends, etc. ? 

The above means more wear and tear and the landlord may simply think you’re asking for too much. I know why you’re doing it – London is extremely expensive for tenants. But that means nothing to your landlord.

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