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Dismantling Provided Furniture

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I have just moved in to a new rental that already had an IKEA wadrobe in the bedroom however as I have my own wadrobe I have dismanteled this and placed it under the bed due to the limited space and no need for two wadrobes.

The land lord came over today and asked where it had gone. I explained that as i have my own i had no need for this one so dismanteled it and placed it under the bed. When we moved in there was some damage on the wadrobe that was marked on the inventory again this was another reason why i did not want to use it as it wasnt in ever good condition. She has now informed me that i need to re-install the wadrobe as it is a part of the propety. 

I am really struggling to understand this as all i have done is disamntled it. it is the same as swapping over the lampshades. On a side note there was also some strutual damage to the wadrobe at the back so i didnt feel 100% safe. So how do i stand please helo 


You are generally only expected to keep their possessions in good condition if stored away AFAIK, have you checked your contract?  I’m no expert but have just had to read our contract and spotted that that was what it said.

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