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Disptute resolution ADR

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So my deposit is in dispute and me and the agency have approached ADR for resolution. I have a question on the evidenances.

The evidenance I am providing is the check-in and check-out inventory report. 

If the checkout report indicates that the property is returned  more or less in the same condition as it was at the start of the tenancy (except for comments like slight dust, water marks on mirror, fridge trays and taps, yeah.. I can’t believe the clerk noted them as comments, they just want to rob you), would that be sufficient for the adjudicator to make a judgement ?

The reason I am asking is, on checkout day, I was with the clerk during inspection, he prepared the report we both went through the report and I signed the report.

A soft copy the report was sent to me by the agency on the next day. But 2 days later, I receive another report from agency mentioning that clerk had not saved the document properly and to my surprise many statements made by the clerk in the first report have been changed in the second report, which I do not agree with as  I was not present when those observations were made (which infact don’t exist at all).

So I have produced the first report to ADR, the agency I am sure will produce the second report. I have explained this to adjudicator in an email.

My question is what would be stand of adjudicator in this case ? Which report he will consider ? I understand it might be upto individual adjudicator, has anyone been in a similar situation ?

Also the agent has reported few other damanges which are not in the checkout report and which I do not agree. I have provided evidenance against those claims as well. Given a third party (inventory clerk) has already evaluated the property, would adjudicator consider these additional damage claims by the agency ?

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