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Dispute between tenants over rent adjustment

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I’m living in a shared house with three other students. We’ve got a single tenancy agreement which states we’re each liable for £78 per week each in rent. One of the rooms in the house is much bigger than the rest, while another is much smaller, and is also downstairs and next to the kitchen. When we moved in one of the other tenants and I agreed that he would pay me £6 a week as a rent adjustment if he got the biggest room and I took the small one. The other two tenants also agreed to this arrangement. For the first term this worked fine, and he paid me with no problems.

Now, however, he has decided it’s too much and wants to reduce the adjustment to £4 a week and also backdate the change so that instead of giving me £162 over the remaining weeks of the tenancy agreement he will only give me £70. 

I am on a very low income (I’m a mature student who is self-funding through medical school as I do not qualify for a student loan) and can’t really afford to just accept this. 

Does anyone know if there’s anything I can do about it? I’ve got messages, emails etc. which document the agreement, and witnesses as well. 

Thanks in advance,




Unfortunately, this issue is to be entirely solved between the two of you. Because of the small sum, I’m doubtful that any institution will seriously consider a complaint, provided you decide to file one. 

Since you two have signed a lease, which specifically assigns the required rent fro meach person, I doubt there is even legal grounds on which you can claim this money. I suggest you take a negotiation approach and try to come to terms with your roommate.

Obviously, it’s not reasonable to backdate rent, as you had a standing agreement and backing out of it does no honor to your roommate. But perhaps just agreeing on the rent adjustment downsize will turn to be a middle ground for both of you. 


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