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Dispute between tenants

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I live in an underground flat where there are rooms. The heating is controlled centrally. So you can turn on the heating, but unless the radiators are on, the heating doesn’t start.
The girl living diagonally opposite to my room keeps turning the heating off to the entire house(in turn, turning the heating to my room OFF as well!) claiming that the heat from MY room is causing her discomfort. She says because her room is very small and doesn’t have a window, its causing her headaches because of the heat from MY room, even though I have personally made sure that all heaters in the communal area are turned off and immediately outside my room its very cool. Also, its impossible for the heat from my room to travel through the thick door to her thick door to her room, but I think she doesn’t want to hear a scientific reason.

I should be able to use the heaters whenever I want, and I feel harassed by her turning them off whenever she wants which makes MY room cold. I am just 21 years old and a working professional and really don’t have the time to keep fighting over such small issues but I don’t want to be harassed either, I need this resolved. I am living in an agency let house. I have sent them a text and email right away saying I am being harassed and need to talk with them but they have a history of not responding.
For how long should I wait for them to respond and what should I do? What help can I get?

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When I say heaters, I mean the ones in MY room. I just want to be able to use them in MY room, whenever I want, for however long I want, all within reason. I have the right to do that I’m assuming?

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