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Dispute over deposit

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My boyfriend and I have just moved out of a property managed by Foxtons.  They are trying to withold some of our deposit (215£) for some alleged “hole repair”. They claim that the repair would need 3 hours from a handyman.
There is indeed a huge hole in the master bedroom that was there before we moved in and is mentioned in the check in. I am in touch with the previous tenants and know for a fact that they have/tried to charge them for these holes. The holes were not repaired. There are some holes mentioned in the check in inventory as removal holes, or picture hooks. We never added any type of holes to that. Nothing in the flat requires 3 hours of work except that gaping hole which was mentioned previously.

I threatened the property manager with ADR and court because I know that what they are doing isn’t right. But the manager is asking me to sign a paper so I can get the rest of the deposit back. Should I sign this or does it mean I agree to the terms and have to say goodby to the 215£?

What can I do to back up my claim ? 

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