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disputing deposit after keys handed back

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Moved out my rented property on Saturday and officially handed the keys back to estate agents yesterday in the presence of the landladys father (not sure why). Everything was signed to say the keys were returned and that all parties were happy with the house and no damage or repairs needed. Was told I’d get my full £500 deposit returned within 10 days. 

Now the landlady is saying she wants £100 withheld for professional cleaning of the carpets. Firstly, I had told her I’d already cleaned the carpets, secondly only 2 rooms have carpets so I know it doesn’t cost £100 for this as I was quoted £30. My question is if I’ve already returned the keys and something has been signed to say the house is in a good state, can she ask for money to be deducted?

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Hi Chantelle

No, she can’t do that. Find out who is holding your deposit – there are three deposit protection schemes – and let the landlady know that if the deposit isn’t returned in full as agreed within the ten day period then you will be raising a dispute with that scheme.

The landlady will have to prove her right to hold on to any of your cash and that will be almost impossible to do if you have written proof that the property was inspected before the keys were handed back and no issues were raised at the time. If she doesn’t release the money then raise the dispute with the scheme and they will force her to do it.


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