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Disrepair and appalling lodgers

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I rent a room in a large house which is falling into disrepair which the joint landladies are not addressing. The dividing wall between my room and the corridor of another lodger is thin and the floor needs reinforcing as this particular lodge persists in baning up and down it all hours. Despite various conversations the landlady pretends the subject has not been raised and mentions the dorr which is not the issue.

The lodger in question – a  young chinese girl renting a room and private bathroom then brought her mother to live for three months without consulting anybody. She has now left to be replaced by a boyfriend as she obviously needs servants. Acees to the kitchen is diffcult as they like to occupy it and complaints are met with promises to speak with the person concerned.

How do you tackle this?


Hi Nicola

Are you a lodger or a tenant? I’m not 100% sure from reading the above. I think the only way you can deal with this is either to speak to the landlord and ask them to remove the other person or to speak to that person and try to sort it out. But again it depends on your situation – if you and she are joint tenants, for example, the only way the landlord can remove her is to remove you too and then issue you with a new tenancy. Provide us with some more info and hopefully we can help.


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