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Do I have any rights when issues won't be fixed by landlord

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Hi there, I recently into a managed property let by Bridgefords on behalf of a landlord. 

There are a number of issues with the property which I had raised when I moved in some of which have been fixed but mostly not. Issues such as broken garage door handle, skirting boards not attached, outdoor decking lights not working, light fixings coming away from the ceiling, kitchen fixing broke etc.

The property was also cleaned poorly and the paint standard and carpets aren’t quite up to scratch but I can live with that. 

Nothing of immediate attention, all atheistic but for our area we are paying a lot of money nearly £1k a month and still none the less, need attention at some point. However the landlord disagrees and think the issues are fine as they are. 

The letting agent asked us to report issues within a week which we did, most of these issues where hard to notice when viewing the property as it was tenanted. 

The letting agent come across very professional and charged us a lot of money for us to go through application process, a lot more than I maybe previously experienced. 

When I first moved in I also raised an issue about rent payment date, for my convenience I would like to have changed it to a more suitable date, they requested an obscene amount of money upfront, forcing me with the date I have. 

Just to add I have improved some parts of the property, such as re painting the walls to a higher standard, fixing a toilet that had black corrosive tar stuck to the bottom, it took four hours to clean as the landlord didn’t think it needed fixing. 

Do I have any rights to the above issues? 

Thank you for your time. 


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Unfortunately, as most of these issues are aesthetic or of low significance to the living conditions in the property, it will be very hard to enforce the landlord’s responsibilities. 

In theory, you have a right to get these repaired, but the Environmental Health department will likely not take you seriously, as there is no health hazard involved. 

Thus, your last option is the courts, but I don’t see you filing a case for a garage door handle being broken.. 

Your best bet is to negotiate and try to do most of the work yourself with the blessing of your landlord. It’s really not fair for you, but I don’t want to give you false hope.

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