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Do I have the right to an invoice for my reference check?

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My partner and I leased a property 12 months ago. At the time of application, we paid £600 in admin fees to cover reference checks and other admin. My reference check failed as I had just moved to UK and had no rental history so my partner’s mother signed on as my guarantor and we were only granted a 6 month lease. I have never recieved an invoice for this payment so do not know the breakdown of what we have paid for. When we went to renew our lease, I was forced to pay about £250 to have my reference checked again despite no circumstances changing. I do not believe this reference check ever took place as my references were not contacted again and the letting agent refuses to provide me with an invoice.

Do I have a right to ask for this information?

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Yes you do. If the agent has taken money for you without good reason then they’re committing fraud so it’s in their interests to provide you with proof of what happened or you could take action against them. If they still refuse then try reporting them to one of the professional bodies of which they are a membr – some can order compensation for unprofessional behaviour.

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Most agents are charging tenants and landlords extra fees to renew a fixed term contracts. Unethical, over the top and outrageous in my opinion.


In future, refuse to pay. Write a letter to the landlord explaining your decision. The landlord will not evict you if you are a good tenant who is looking after the property and paying rent.

You are not obliged to pay the agent renewal fees. Your contract is with the landlord, not the agent.

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