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Do I own what I refurbish?

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Lets say that I wanted to refurbish my kitchen, and my landlord agreed to it, and I put in a new oven, new water heating, and new cupboards, and it costs me £1000. Some time later, I want to leave that residence in favour of another, but I put £1000 into this one, and I don’t want to spend another £1000 refurbishing the next house’s kitchen. Provided I still have the original kitchen parts, do I have any rights as a tenant that allow me to keep the oven, cupboards, etc, that I put in? After all, I paid for them so surely I own them.

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I very much doubt that you could claim to own something that you’ve put in that has become a part of the interior of the building and would be difficult to remove (but I’m not 100% on that, you might want to visit a law centre and speak to a lawyer). However, you have a right to claim compensation for improvements – more info on that here

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