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Do I repair the window myself?

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Three months ago my front window was broken in an attempted break in. (this was the second similar incident, both were reported to police and crime numbers given to the agent, no dispute over the cause) The break was reported to the agent the following morning and they assured us it would be dealt with by their handyman asap. Two months later, after much fuss about arranging times and such (none of which was necessary as he had a key) he turned arrived and measured up, prepped the frame and went away to get the glass saying he’d be back the following day. He never showed up and then I went away for Christmas, assuming two weeks should be enough to get it sorted. But now I’m back, there has been no work done and no attempted contact from the handyman or agent.

I know the logical course of action would be to chase my agent again but after the faff before Christmas this really doesn’t appeal to me. It’s a simple job which I am more than capable of doing myself, I’m just unsure how my agent will react. I would have to buy some materials (£15 approx) and obviously use my time.

I can imagine they would be ok with me doing the job, but I’m not sure sure about the costs. I’m thinking of deducting from the next rent payment and providing receipts, possibly charging for my labor as well.

My agent is err, quite old school and slack, which is mostly fine but this has gone on too long. I’m sick off sitting in a dark drafty room.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

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Don’t do it yourself. Chase up your agent, repeatedly. It will bring you nothing but hassle if you do it yourself.


Hi there, Matthew.

I do understand that you are capable of fixing this yourself, but as you do not own the property, and it is the landlord’s responsibility, you must leave it to a professional of their choosing. You can offer to fix it yourself if they give you written consent and a written agreement to pay any costs incurred.

If they say no, you best course of action is to send them an email (ALWAYS IN WRITING, not over the phone), telling them that you are living in:

“an unsecured property with the risk of someone using the broken window as a means to take your personal belongings or damage the landlord’s property in some way. I accept no responsibility for any damage caused in the event of a break-in and will hold yourselves and the landlord liable for any loss or damage to belongings. I would greatly appreciate if this could be fixed within the next week or so, as it is already overdue and is a safety risk. I mean no disrespect and hope you understand that I am simply exercising my right to comfortable and safe living conditions. If it would be easier for me to fix it myself, I can email a detailed report for approval by yourselves and the landlord, regarding what work I will carry out and the cost of materials to fix it. If not, I refer you to my earlier statement and look forward to hearing from you ASAP.

Many thanks,

I hope this helps and if you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask. Feel free to let me know if any of that was gobbly-di-gook and I will rephrase it.

Best of luck and keep us updated.

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