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Do we have a right to see what has been said in a reference

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We have just been advised that we have failed referencing checks and will not be given th tenancy of a property. Do we have a right to know what has been said about us?

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As far as I know, the referencing is only made exclusive to the letting agent and landlord. 

You can ask, but they will probably not tell you. It supports the practice to make a new referencing for each new property or tenancy.

However, you can do some deductions and figure out which might have failed you: 

Are you in good relations with your past landlord ?

Did you check your credit rating with Experian (costs 2 pounds, I think)

Are you on benefits ? / What is your salary vs the property’s rent ? Is it too expensive for your budget ?

If you can answer these questions, you can roughly see what areas might be pulling you down and what you need to improve for the next property. 

Here is some more info –


Thank you – Due to our credit history we offered to pay the Landlord a year’s rent in advance and advised the agency  about the credit history.  They were happy with that and they have confirmed to me that it wasn’t the credit history which caused the referencing failure.  The only person who could have given a bad reference is the landlady of our current property.  They are taking lega advice themselves as someone suggested that I ask for all the information they hold on us under the Data Protection Act 1998.

Our relationshipwith our current landlord  is very bad as they keep getting tradespeople to look at the damp in the bathroom but they never return.  This has been going on for a year now. They converted a garage at the bottom of their garden without planning permission and we have to access the bungalow through their garden. We have to pick up their dog’s mess which is left on the path to the bungalow. 

Our tenancy agrement states that the landlord pays the council tax, however they have never rgistered the property and are not making any payments. I also doubt that they are paying income tax on the earnings .

When we moved in they refused to allow us to have a post box on the outer gate and we had to wait for them to put our post in a box outside our bungalow.  When it became clear that they didn’t open the post box for several days at a time I requested a key.  They did give us a key but still won’t let us have our own post box.

I am awaiting an appointment with the CAB and may also have to consult a solicitor on our next course of action as we don’t wish to stay here any longer as we do not trust the landlord. 



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