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Do we need to pay rent?

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Hello everyone,

I’ve got and interesting story and a question.

We, me and my husband, were served a notice to leave by April with no reason. The landlord/owner said he sold the property and we were not supposed to contact the new owner by the law (we dont know why he said this). We couldnt leave by that time, still here actually, and we are moving next week. We havent paid rent for 2 months now, because we didnt know to whom, we didnt get the new owners details or any prove of new ownership. But at the same time the landlord was still asking as to pay him. He hadn’t confirmed it if he really sold it or not since we went to court and he said it front of the judge he still owned the property.

My question is do we have to pay the rent for this time? Or only since we know he is still the landlord. Does anyone know legally what to do in this case?

Thanks your answers in advance!


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Section 48 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987 covers this. If you do not have an address of the landlord in England and Wales then the Landlord cannot demand rent.

Was your deposit protected correctly or don’t you know? If not to either of these questions we can help you claim compensation.

Let us know if we can be of help

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