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Dodgy Agency and Slum Landlords, 31 Parkside Road Farsley Leeds, LS28 5BG

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I  saw  the  house  advertised  on  Rightmove  by  LET  LEEDS (former Greenhaven)  and  expressed  my  interest  in  it
 on 13/03/2017 by a submitting a Pre-Tenancy Form which was given to me by Ben  Walker  (Form Attached
as Evidence.) I wasn’t made aware when I was getting the house that the property is maintained by
the Landlord until I signed the agreement and collected the keys. However, LET LEEDS denies that
and Cris Fowler confirms in an email that I was notified in the Pre- Tenancy
form that the property was maintained by the Landlord. The  Pre-Tenancy  Agreement doesn’t state
who maintains the property.The property was handed over to me in a filthy condition including, all
the three toilets not flushing, sewage leaking outside the property and all human waste accumulating in
the garden, floors uneven with nails coming out from the beadings, staircase railing almost coming
out (Video Evidence Collected), Toilet water dripping on the staircase landing (Video Evidence ), just to mention a few. For such a sub-standard property, I pay a whopping £950 pcm. LET LEEDS did an initial inspection health and safety check and compiled an inventory with all the
superficial defects like wallpaper falling out , paints chipped , window blinds broken etc. 
I was informed by ANNA LAW that she has told the landlady that she need to sort the place out and that she has never let a  place  out  in  such  a condition. I have lived in this property for 8 weeks but no repairs have been done since. My
children Neal 8, Deborah 5 and Leon 1.5 years old lived with me in this property when I moved in
however I have moved them to a relatives place after a few  accidents happened in the first few
weeks of move in. I had to do so as I have to travel a lot at my work and the kids are left with a
babysitter in my absence. These children are the only precious possession I have got and they are
solely my responsibility and I wasn’t comfortable leaving them in a property which was falling
apart. Neal fell on the bumpy wooden floor and banged his head on the conservatory door and
scratched his face on one of the nails coming out of the door due to a broken frame. Deborah has
also had an injury on her head, falling on the same place.
On complaining to LET LEEDS, they quickly responded  to  me  that  there  is  nothing  they  could 
do about it. However, they are the ones who got me into the mess. The property was very ingeniously
presented to me while a tenant was already living in it and was present inside the property while
viewings were done so that a potential future tenant would not see all the flaws of the property.
They collected a fee of £210 from myself and a deposit and first month’s rent of £1950 was also
collected by them and a receipt was issued by LET LEEDS .I had no clue that I
would be cunningly handed over to a Slum Landlady who wasn’t going to fix her property. Moreover,
all the repair works should have been done before letting the property out. I still gave LET LEEDS
a benefit of doubt that the house would be fixed soon. On complaining to the landlady on numerous
occasions  she  told  me  that  I  could  leave  but  I  have  to  pay  LET  LEEDS  a  fee  to 
re-advertise  the property and stay in the property until they find another tenant (text messages
from the landlady). I was horrified and appalled to hear this and that’s when I realised that this
is an organised money making racket by LET LEEDS and Slum landlords, clearly to make money multiple
time from innocent tenants. Unfortunately for  LET  LEEDS,  my  neighbours  have  confirmed  no 
one lives here for long, tenants come and go, and no one stays for long and they wonder why.
Obviously, I am in a tenancy agreement and worst part of this agreement is it is a long two years
agreement as I don’t like moving from one place to the other because of inconvenience of moving
with three children on my own. Now I have been harassed that I cannot break the agreement until I
pay for the re-advertisement and I cannot leave until another innocent person has been trapped in
this horrendous house. Probably, they are waiting for a fatal accident to happen when they would
allow me leave. But I am not going to go quietly without exposing LET LEEDS as other tenants have
done obviously because everyone wants their deposit back as it is a very large amount. I hold LET
LEEDS responsible for the mess I am in today. My life has been upside down as I don’t even have
safe place to live, have a shower or even carry out my basis day to day activities, yet I have to
pay a price of £950 every month for such a sub-standard place.
I am in deep distress and anger as I make this complaint for your awareness and wouldn’t want any other family to go
through this ordeal I went through as I believe a home is a place where people feel comfortable,
secure and happy no matter what amount you are paying and it is not human to put vulnerable kids
who are your responsibility into such poor, inferior quality house because of some corrupt Letting
agency who have no regard for human beings. I feel extremely guilty and accountable to put my
children through such a nightmare. I have always rented a place from Letting Agents and have never
been through such a terrible situation in my entire life.

I broke the tenancy agreement and did an emergency move out and have been staying with my sister in law ever since. Now i have been threatned by the landlord (who is a solicitor) to release my deposit to them for breaking the tenancy agreemnet and court action too. Just to mention that i have already taken the agency Let Leeds to court for my damages, the case is not heard yet. 


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