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Dodgy landlords

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So I’ll try and keep it brief,

But a year and a half ago I moved into a room in a flatshare. The standard of the room wasn’t the best. But landlord had promised he’d be repainting etc. and hadn’t returned the full deposit to the previous tenant to cover costs. After months of nagging I gave up and accepted the dirty walls as it didn’t bother me all that much.

Leading up to the day I was moving out he began ignoring me, I believe this is because he was aware that I was moving back to Australia. And then arrived after the time I told him I had to leave the flat as my taxi was booked. So I left without seeing him.

I messaged him account details to return the deposit but did not receieve any response. It’s been three weeks and I have just been able to reach him today and he has informed me he will not be returning any of the deposit as a slat on the bed had caved in and the walls were dirty, along with some numerous other tidbits like an unhinged cupboard door.

NOT £600 of damage. He has been impossible to talk calmy to on the telephone and keeps hanging up so I’ve warned off a little, trying to keep the situation civil.

I have no deposit protection, so I am aware that means essentially no rights. But I am wondering if there is ANY way of going about this or even just reporting the scheme as the flat was under very poor safety standards and this his highly likely to happen to many more tennants.

Any advice would be appreciated!

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Hi Larisaa,

I must ask- why didnt you ensure your deposit was protected? This is a huge piece of legislation that Landlirds MUST abide by and is there to protect Tenants and your Deposits. However, if you dont ensure this is done then you shuldnt be surprised when a Landlord who has breacjed regulations looks to steal your money.

However, the point remains that you are protected by law. However, you will have to file a claim with the courts and that will be both costy and I am also not sure if this is even possible from another country.

I suggest that you seek legal advice on this topic. Had you ensured your deposit was protected at the start of your tenancy this would have been a lot easier.

Hope that helps

Service provider

Hi Larissa,

Do you have a copy of the tenancy agreement ? From the sounds of it you have a claim for your depost and compensation, we may be able to help even if you live abroad. We offer a no win no fee service and are tenants voice approved service providers. If you have a copy of the agreement e mail it across to and we can take a look for you. 



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