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Dodgy roof

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we have been renting a property from a landlord ( not via a letting agent) for the past 7 years. The property includes a brick built out building ( the shed) with a wooden flat roof. 

For the past 4 years the roof has leaked, which the landlord has seen, and we have discussed, but being a shed they didn’t put any importance on it. However it is now in a state where they have agreed to replace it.

they arranged for a roofing company to quote on it. Whilst I was there they said that because it didn’t meet building regulations because of choice of materials and design etc, the only option was to replace, not a repair as the landlord had in mind. The cost was about £7000 (it’s a big shed!) she’s had further quotes from a local builder which are a little less.

the landlord is now telling me that because I never emailed them about the leak, although they had previously seen it and discussed it with us, that we are liable for part of the cost. 

So, my question is:

if the roof on this structure doesn’t comply with building regulations, should it have been put right before the landlord began our let?

and should we be expected to contribute towards the cost of a roof which does meet regulations, which would mean that we’ve been ask to pay to improve the property?

Im grateful for any advice.


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Hi Dave

Is the shed mentioned in your tenancy agreement at all? And do you have any evidence of the landlord knowing about the leaks four years ago?


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