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Does a Letting Agency have to be clear about how your money is spent?

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I have a question about a letting agency, and how they should deal with
quotes and tenants monies.

In Nov 13, we gave notice to move out of the property we were renting, this
finished on the 19th Dec 13. Part of the moving out process was general
repairs, out of the general repairs we agreed that certain things needed
doing and we would either complete the work ourselves or hire someone to
complete the work. Other things as said by the letting agency were normal
wear and tear, so under the contract this was not our responsibility.

Our issue is not with the work that needed doing, it was the way we were
dealt with;

On the 19th & 20th Dec I discussed the situation with the letting agent,
and agreed that we would pay for a handyman to complete the work, based on
a quote from the handyman – which we received, this was to tidy the garden,
and clean windows. Having received the quote, we transferred the money so
the work could be completed.

Only yesterday, I discovered that the letting agency took the money from
us, and allowed the landlord to decide how the money should be spent –
either on a handyman, or landlord carry out the work themselves. The
landlord carried out the work himself.

Is this allowed?

I am concerned about how the letting agency has communicated one thing to
me, and done something completely different.

I have emails confirming the quote, what the letting agency sent to the
landlord, and what the landlord carried out for the money.

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