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Does my Landlord have the right to enter my garden with out notice?

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My landlord has been to the property and inspected the garden and told us they intend to do somew repairs to the decking area. We don’t have an issue with this but we are unhappy that they have entered our garden without our consent. When we signed the tenancy there was a clause about the landlord accessing the garden, however it comes to light now that on two occasions my GF has been at home alone and woken to find people doing work in the garden that we knew nothing about. we feel this is an invasion of our privacy. can someone let me know where we stand on this? I am happy to grant access to the garden but we would like 24 hours notice that they are visiting/carrying out repairs.

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A 24 hour notice requesting access to the property is the minimum. You should just talk to your landlord and say you’re unhappy with this unannounced access and would request a prior notice to each visit. 

It’s that simple and your landlord shouldn’t be too bothered to call you, text you or just post the notice on the door.

See this article for more info:

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