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Door handle failed. Trapped in room. Broke through door.

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The bedroom door handle failed when the door was shut and I was trapped in the room as the latch bolt wouldn’t move.

We got tools up through the bedroom window (my wife was in a different room) and we got the door handle unscrewed both sides. 

After trying but realising that it would take too long to chisel out the lock area I chiseled and hammered through the two main central door panels to escape.

So there is now a big square hole in the door. I managed to get the latch bolt to catch and move after more chiseling to that area, so the door is now open.

The estate agent seems to think that it’s my responsibility to fix the door.

I disagree, and would like all the identical old door handles on all the other doors replacing too.

Isn’t it a basic expectation of any tenant to not become trapped in a room due to old faulty door handle mechanisms?

Any thoughts appreciated.


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Couldn’t you dismantle it out of the hinges and remove the whole door, instead of chiseling a huge hole in the wood. 

I can probably think of 5 ways to get out and cause less damage to the door, but there again I was not in the room with you and all the different circumstances that made you do it. 

I think there needs to be a bit of negotiating and both parties should pitch in to do the remedial works. 

It’s true that it’s not your fault the door got blocked, but you also could have called in an emergency locksmith to let you out and then pass the bill to the agent who would have had no way to refuse you. 

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