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Downstairs room ceiling water leaks from upstairs issue-Landlord or tenant

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Who is responsible to repair? landlord or tenant?

Our downstairs room ceiling roof is dripping water and above this location bathtub tap. Not sure what is wrong exactly?

Not sure if it is leak from bathtub itself or any pipe burst underneath bathtub?

It is not our fault. It is just happened. I am not aware of the rules for repairs as tenant.

I already told landlord few months ago that there was some split in bathtub water pipe and it is leaking water into bathtub and there is a chance for a new pipe leak underneath bath tub.

Do you think landlord will charge me for this damage eventhough it is not my fault? I understand it is landlord responsibility to ensure bathtub and pipes are in good order. I cannot imagine if landlord requires to change downstairs room ceiling completely.

Please let me know the rules for repairs. 

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This is the landlords responsibility.  He needs to rectify the leak and any damage.


Thanks a lot. Do you think they will charge me for repair/ deduct from deposit?

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