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Draining repairs

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Our shower gets blocked everytime we do the dishes or do the laundry, whatever goes in the kitchen sink, comes out through the shower drain. So we asked the  agency to send someone to unclogg the drains, which they did. We asked the people who came to do the unclogging, if it was our fault that the pipes got clogged, and they said that it wasn’t our fault, and the draining sistem was not done very well. After this, the agency sent us an email, letting us know that they are charging us for the repairs, since they found some fat in the drains. According to Section 11-15 of the Landlord and Tennant act 1985, the landlord is in charge of keeping the installations in the premises in repair and working order. Are they allowed to charge us for this since the people that fixed the draining said that it wasn’t our fault it got clogged? Thank you in advance.

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Your tenancy will probably have a clause that it is tenants responcibility to keep drains serving the property clean.  Ask the agent for the engineers report confirming the cause.


If the drains were clear and flowing freely when you moved in then they have a good argument that the blockage must be due to something you have put down the shower/sink etc.


Hi Noemi

Can you ask the people who came to do the unclogging to put in writing that they believe it’s a structural issues rather than misuse by you? You could then show this to the agent as proof that an expert believes it’s not your responsibility.

It’s true that the landlord is responsible for repairs but if you’re causing the problem by putting fat down the drains then this would be something you should pay for. Landlords are only responsible for repairing damage tenants haven’t caused. Repair would be, for example, cracks in pipes etc that have happened over time.

If it turns out to be a combination of your misuse and disrepair over time then you could suggest splitting the cost?


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