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Dropbox meets Task Management for Tenants/Landlords

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Hey evyerone,

As a tenant that had a very stressful and costly experience with an unprofessional letting agents I was keen to mitigate it happening again… I set out to build a platform which would be a central repository for everything that happens from Day 1 to Check out of a tenancy agreement.

Recording, documenting and engaging in one place and ensuring the evidence and audit is there for when disputes arise. A focus on task management i.e Landlord here is a picture of a leaking tap, please get this fixed etc to ensure they remain accountable.

I am planning to make this available for others (and not just tenants) after a trial period. I was keen to get some thoughts and opinions on whether other tenants would use it? A lot of my colleagues and friends who are students have been very positive during testing but I wanted to open it up for a range of feedback.


Thanks for your thoughts!


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