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Drugs in the house!!

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I live in a rented property with 3 other people and the tenancy is in our 4 names. I recently discovered that one of them has been doing drugs in the house and want to leave asap, they are refusing to give notice. I want to know where I stand in terms of me geyting out and getting my deposit back which is a lot or money. Also. I have been reading through the tenancy, and drugs is definately a breach of the tenancy and landlord has to give notice (ps I have proof) but if this were go happen and he evicted us, where would I stand? Thank you 

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A lot depends on if you are still in a fixed term and if your rental is managed by an agent? If managed by an agent, I would advise you to contact them urgently and they will advise on what options may be available to you. If not, I would suggest you speak to the landlord – My view is that most professional and reputable landlords would not want any of their tenants to be taking drugs  in one of their rented houses- and once in receipt of this information, may decide to end the tenancy and serve notice on all 4 of you? 


To add to the above, if you contact the agent just remember that their focus is on the landlord’s interests, not yours as it’s the landlord who pays their fees. A good agent will be happy to help a tenant but not all are like that so be cautious. 

I would agree that contacting the landlord direct is a good idea – ask them if they’re happy for you to find a replacement. Often landlords will agree to one tenant leaving if there’s a replacement ready to take over straight away so there’s no rent lost. But it’s the landlord’s choice whether to let you out early as you’ve signed a contract. If a new tenant is found then it’s just a question of issuing a new tenancy agreement, a cost you could split with the incoming tenant.

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