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Early exit of fixed term AST

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Please help….

We handed our notice in 5 weeks ago, 12 weeks before our fixed term AST was due to finish, due to us buying a house. We have lived here for circa 2 yrs 3 months, and are in our second fixed term AST (18mth & 12mth) in the property. 

Yesterday we completed the house buy, but we’re informed 3 days ago that the owner now wished to sell the property that we are renting, and that they would only release us early from our contract if a sale completed before our contract ended. This leaves 11 weeks for this to take place?! Unlikely. It must be noted that we received no word back for 4 weeks having initially notified the owner of our intentions. We had rather assumed that, as stated in the contract, we would need to find a new tenant to take on the contract, which we were willing and able to do, and had already made efforts to do aswell.  

Do we have any rights whatsoever?

Any help very much appreciated.



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Hi David

If you have the landlord’s permission to leave early in writing then you should be ok (although I’m not a lawyer). If not, then you’re still bound by the tenancy agreement.

It might be worth speaking to someone legal and making sure that you’re actually bound by the tenancy – many tenancies allow a break after six months and you may accidentally have given notice at the right time. Try Citizens Advice or a Law Centre.


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