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Early vacanting-Landlord used 2 weeks to redecoration, should I pay rent?

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Dear TTV, here is my case. I was early vacating from my rented flat. Landlord agreed to re-let asap, so I give the key back to them for flat viewing. Two week later, landlord claimed he is going to do some re-paint works in order to attract new tenants. The re-decoration work took more than 2 week (which he told me only 1 week at the beginning). Then the flat has new tenant after 4 weeks when re-paint finished. I have paid rents all these time until new tenant check-in date. I am wondering should I be charged for the two weeks landlord used for decoration. Is there any compensation I could claim? Thank you.

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Hi, thanks for your post in the forum. Can you please clarify a couple of points?

Did the landlord agreed that you could end your tenancy before the fixed period was over?

Were you living in the property while the re-decorating was being carried out?


Hi Justine,
Thanks for quick response. I have email which landlord mentioned he is happy to release me from contract as soon as he get new tenant moving in. I vacated from the property since the agent said they are going to do flat viewing and the property was empty when landlord started decoration.
Hope this helps.


Hi Maggie,

Landlords are not obliged to release tenants early from the fixed term of a tenancy agreement, unless there is a release clause. It is a sign of good will that your landlord agreed to this.

You say that s/he was happy to release you from contract as soon as he got new tenant moving in – this implies that you would have to keep paying rent until the landlord has found a replacement tenant.

Although it was not mentioned in the original discussion between you, it is common for landlords to do some re-decorating between tenants in order to keep their properties well maintained.

Did you only pay rent for the two weeks of re-decoration and has another tenant moved in? If so, this sounds like a reasonable result considering that you ended the tenancy early.

Have you received your deposit back in full?


Hi Justin,
I moved out at the beginning of Feb, and the decoration started on the 2nd week of Feb which finished at the end of Feb. There is a new tenant moved in on 22nd Mar. I paid rents from Feb till 22nd Mar. In this case, is there any compensation can be claimed?
For deposit, landlord is going to charge me £150 as one-off settlement of flat condition. BTW I stayed 14 months there. Thank you.

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