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Electric sub meter

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Hi, my question is about an electric sub meter supplied through our electric meter to a separate house next door, both properties are owned by the landlord. Our electric is also supplied from our meter to the shared car port via a supply box which our neighbors have access to and a double socket there that they can use and have at our cost! 

There is nothing about this in our tenancy agreement and we were only informed of the sub meter about 3-4 months after moving in when new tenets moved in next door. Has anyone any information regarding our rights, who to contact for help on this matter, or what laws there are regarding this. Many thanks in advance for any help on this, thank you… 


Paul- all properties should have their own meter and you should never have to pay for utilites to areas/properties that are not yours unless this is clear;y stated in the tenancy agreement. However, this is a rare event so I am not sure on the legal framework here.

I would contact your local CAB or Evironmental Health office and go from there.

Hope that helps- Kristjan

Service provider

You should get this checked out- you could be paying for someones electricity

Switch off everything in your house and check your meter stops.

If it does that may be fine, if not then get it checked out; ask your landlord for the electrical certificate




Sorry to hijack the thread, but what is CAB or Evironmental Health office? and how would you get in touch with them?


I’m asking as currently I have to pay 35p/kWh through a coin meter, and that’s really high compared to what suppliers offer. Is it legal?

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