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Electrical Issues - help!

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A bit of background: We moved into a flat about half a year ago. We live with our friend (the son of our landlord) who is our “Property Manager”. He has no formal responsibilities aside from passing on issues to his father as he lives outside the area.

On Monday 20th March our Property Manager had an electrician come over to fit a PCB, fix the lightswitch in the bathroom and install a new plug socket. Easy, right?
Apparently not. The electrician installed the PCB and then found that there were several faults in the system. After four hours he went home, having fixed the switch and installed the socket, but with half our living room lights now not functioning. During his visit he said all of our wiring was pre-EU standardisation, and we have no earth wire installed on our fuse board. When he attempted to add an earth to one of our lights, it shattered.

We felt we could live without a couple of lights for a few days, and he said he would return on Thursday 23rd March.

Between Monday and Thursday, our heating would trip the fuses, as would the shower whenever it turned on. On Thursday, the electrician told us to not use the shower as the heating element within it had failed (hence tripping the system) and the heating had been wired in in a way he felt was unsafe and so he disconnected it. He said there was “leaching” within the system, and that he would need more than a couple of evening visits to resolve the problems.

It is now Monday 27th March. We have had no shower for six days, and no heating for four days. We have a bath, so while the shower is inconvenient it is not a massive issue, but the heating is more of a problem. We have no thermometers in the flat at the moment (something I will rectify today) but it definitely “feels” cold. We are responding by using blankets but it sucks. The electrician is unable to get to us until Saturday, when he intends to have an in-depth look at the extent of the issues in the flat.

My questions are: Is there nothing we can do to get this resolved sooner? Is there anything else the landlord is expected to be doing that he’s not?

By Saturday we will have been without heat for nine days, and the way the electrician is talking, we’re looking at potentially a full rewiring, which I highly doubt will be complete in a day.

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It seems like what set out to be a simple maintenance session is now turning into a huge repair problem. 

The electrician keeps visiting the property and is rectifying problems as fast as they can with the provided time (hopefully).

This basically clears the landlord of further responsibility. They are required to do repairs, which they are doing at the moment. However, the law doesn’t require them to do the repairs as fast as possible, in this case hiring additional electricians to complete the job faster. 

In any case, I’m pretty sure the landlord is doing whatever they can, because their son is also living in the property. Most landlords don’t have such a strong incentive, so I’m ready to clear them out on this one. 

What the landlord is also responsible however, is to provide additional heating equipment at times when the default heating can’t be used due to break down and repairs. 

You can contact them and request an electrical heater be provided to use while the central heating is out of order. Just one heater will make everybody’s life easier, including their son’s, so I can see them cooperating here.

Just whatever you do, always keep your tone and rent in check. If there is anything that makes a landlord unresponsive, it’s not paying your rent, or being aggressive to them. Just saying. 

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