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Electrical safety.

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Hi all. Wondering if anyone could help us out?

our tumblr dryer recently shorted out and burnt the plug/socket out. When this happened the RCD did not trip out the circuit. 

I have spoke to the agent to let him know and ask if they could get the electrics checked as the safety system obviously didn’t work. I was home st the time or this could have been worse. 

They have refused to send an electrician, saying I could pay for one if I wanted. 

I asked if the house has got a valid electrical safety certificate. He said that they are not required by law to have one. Is this correct?

thanks in advance. 


It Is true, at the moment Landlords do not require an electrical safety inspection. I believe that the law will change in 2020. As yours is a safety issue, I would give Environmental heath a call, at your local council. You could have Googled the information you are after, just have a look at what Landlords are saying on this matter! It makes me boil! 

We have just had an electrical inspection, as our Landlord passed us on to an agent. Our flat failed miserably, in fact we didn’t even have an earth!!! As anything electrical is so expensive, no wonder Landlords don’t want to know.


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