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Electricity Usage

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I have moved into a 4 pesron houseshare – the letting agreement stated that utilities are included subject to a fair usage policy – this however has not been defined – we have electricity and gas – should be try and obtain figures to define this fair usage

About 3 weeks after we move in the landlord installed a plastic box over the thermostat – is he permitted to just do this and it resticts the usage and is a change from when we first moved in – we were not informed that he was going to do this

There was no tuble dryer whern we moved in but he has now put one in – but has linked it to a coin operated electricy meter – again is this permitted as electricity is meant to be included

thanks for your help

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The first step is probably to get in writing from the landlord what the fair usage policy is i.e. what’s the monthly maximum figure for gas and electricity usage? Make a point that until you know what that is you can’t conform to it.

As far as I know, as long as you’re not living in extreme cold, there’s nothing to stop the landlord installing a box over the thermostat. With the tumble dryer, it might be beneficial not to have that as part of your monthly usage, especially as it’s not one of the basic amenities most properties have. You really need to get the landlord to define the fair usage amount before you can take any further steps. If they refuse then point out that you won’t be liable for any usage that goes over the limit as you don’t know what the limit is.

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