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End of tenancy cleaning - can I do it by myself although it should be done professionally?

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Hello all,

I am renting a large studio (around 33 sqm) and my tenancy is finishing soon. I am keeping the studio in immaculate condition (as also noticed by the Estate agent when popping in to show the property to the new tenant). In my contract it is written that the flat has to be professionally cleand at the end of the tenancy but I was wondering if I can still do it by myself (I even clean the outdoor windows using the specific tool bi-monthly). I know for sure that I would be able to clean the studio flat very well but I was wondering whether there is still a way for the agency to find out it was not done by an external agency. Will the contractor responsible of the check out ask for a receipt?

The Estate Agent provided contacts of three contractors for the professional cleaning that I might wish to use but they were not particularly pushy about it. 

I know it might not be right to try to get away with it without paying this fee but I honestly spend so much on cleaning on a daily basis and I would be keen to save this money. Would you also know how much would approximately be an end of tenancy cleaning service for a 33 sqm flat? There is no carpet, it is wooden floor throughout. 


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Following guidance by the now abolished OFT, you may have a claim against a clause that forces you to purchase a cleaning service at the end of the tenancy. The idea is that if YOU can clean up to a professional standard (lick everything on all sides) the it is unreasonable for the landlord to force you to incur the cleaning costs.
Typically, if you really do a great job, most landlords wouldn’t make a fuss. 
If your landlord is the make-a-fuss-type-of-a-person, then it might be a wise idea to talk to them first and have some agreement that provided you do a good enough job, you wouldn’t have to pay for a cleaner. 
If you do have to pay for a cleaner, we’ve just launched our premium membership, which gives you access to a big list of discounts, including 20% off of end of tenancy cleaning, provided by Fantastic Services.
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Thanks! Will the person entitled to do the check out inventory ask for any sort of receipt proving the professional cleaning has been done?




They might, but I can’t tell you. 

My guess would be “NO”, as they often do the inventory without the tenant present, so nobody to ask for receipts. Typically, they check the condition of the property against a specific checklist and if everything checks out than the inventory is good.  

The inventory clerk will check for hygiene and can be thorough, but receipts is another thing. 

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