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End of Tenancy Cleaning

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Hi there.

I need some advice here. We moved into a flat 9 months ago and have given our notice. We are coming to an end of the tenancy and the landlord keeps going on about the flat needs to be professionally cleaned. Now me and my flatmate we have bought the best cleaning products, we have hired a carpet steam cleaner and plan on doing the cleaning ourself.

The problems lies with the fact when we moved in the place was not cleaned, we pointed out the dirty oven (Unfortunately not recorded), we mentioned on emails dirty walls, we had in one room a bed bug investation problem which she took care of, the fridge was not cleaned out which we recorded and mentioned to her, the kitchen was full of old stuff which we disposed of with her consent, we had plumbing issues and some lights dont work. Also there is no inventory or check in list which stated the condition of the flat when we moved in only a list of items in the flat.

What I want to know is if after we have cleaned the place and she states its not professionally cleaned and does not want to release full deposit – what are my options here.

Also she wants the outside windows cleaned but we are on the second floor. I mean how are we suppose to do that when for a fact it was not done when we moved in?

Any advice will be appreciated.

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Service provider

Hello, Shaun

Normally, if the landlord has kept an inventory and compares everything from the list when the inspection takes place, he or she should give your deposit back. What is more, they have the right to keep part of the deposit in case of the following:

  • Damaged property
  • Rent was not paid
  • Missing items
  • When the property needs to be thoroughly cleaned (end of tenancy cleaning)
  • You left before the end of your tenancy

Even if they want, they aren’t allowed by the law to keep the whole deposit. Only in case of some financial loss (burst pipes, malfunctioning lighting, hole in the wall, damaged furniture etc.). If they want their property professionally cleaned, get a professional cleaner. 

Service provider

Hi Shaun,

No, you do not need to have it professionally cleaned.  You may clean it yourself. You must return the property to the same condition it was in at the start of the tenancy, minus fair wear and tear.

If the landlord retains any of your deposit, you can dispute this and ask for ADR with the deposit protection scheme.  The onus is on the landlord to prove that you have not returned the property to the same condition. If there is no check-in report (and signed by you to confirm it is accurate), he will be unable to do this, even with a check-out report.

The check-in and check-out reports also need to be carried out by an independent company, not by the landlord, or he will be unable to provide the level of proof required by the scheme.


Service provider

I apsolutly disagree with your landlord’s behaviour but you should keep in mind that cleaning shouldn’t be a one-time event at the end of a tenancy, tenants are expected to treat a property as their own. With this in mind, it is the tenant’s responsibility to clean the majority of a property from top to bottom before moving out. Tenants should have been presented with a clean flat, and are expected to give in back in the same condition. Unfortunatly, you don’t have any evidence that the flat was dirty at the begining.

It’s always a better idea to use a professional end of tenancy cleaning service when you move out.


Kind Regards


Service provider

Contrary to what Violet says, you will not need to provide any evidence that the flat was dirty when you moved in, although you have said that you do have some.

The onus is entirely on the landlord to prove that the property was clean when you moved in, and if she does not have an independent check-in report or one carried out by her which you signed to confirm was accurate, then she will fail at ADR.

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