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End of tenancy notice

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Hello, I have been renting in a flat for the past 2 years with a tenancy start date on the 21st of May. Initially my agreement was for 12 months, however I have continued renting the property on a monthly periodic tenancy.

I have given my notice on the 4th of July, to end my tenancy on the 31st of July (i.e. 4 weeks). After almost 2 weeks, on the 16th July, the agency calls me to follow up on my end of tenancy notice and inform me that my 1 months notice counts from the 21st of July, i.e. I should continue paying rent until the 21st of August. I have read online that this should be the case but I was not aware nor had I been informed by the agency on time to make the necessary arrangements. Please note that I chased them numerous times in the past two weeks as I had received no end of tenancy instructions or any other sort of communication and nobody had mentioned this term.

I will be moving in a new flat on the 27th of July and therefore I cannot afford to pay two rents. Any advice on the situation?

Also, as an extra point to note. I have never spoken to the landlord, I have always been dealing with the estate agency. For the past two years we have had continuous issues with the building which until today have not been resolved, i.e. the fire alarm goes on in the building in the middle of the night for no reason, the lifts break down every other month, the parking space is unhygienic, parking gate constantly breaking down and various other smaller issues. Even now, when giving my notice to end the tenancy, it has been two weeks and the agency says that they have not heard back from the landlord yet. Is there a way to use the landlord’s lack of interest as a way to get away with not paying an extra month’s of rent?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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I can’t offer any advice, but wanted to say I’m in a similar position.

we had a routine inspection from the agency and they asked if we had any issues, I said yes, we’ve had lots of problems with damp and mould, ruining a lot of clothes, shoes and some furniture, and the agent asked me to send in pics of the damage, and an explanation of the issues, which was basically every week we had to scrub the walls and ceilings to keep the black mould at bay, but we haven’t really complained about it.


the report was sent to the landlord, and a week later we get a notice to quit from him!  It kind of doesn’t matter as we were planning to buy, but thought we had until November when the tenancy runs out, but it seems he can have a break clause, we can’t! 


We we have found a house, quicker than we wanted to, we are almost at the point of exchanging/completion, the landlord gave us until 1st Sept to vacate, but we still have to give 30 days notice if before that date, I think it’s disgusting that we still have to give notice, we can’t give notice until we exchange and get out moving date, which will be around two weeks, we can’t afford rent and mortgage at the same time, and insurance for both properties, it’s so unfair that everything seems favourable for the landlords.

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