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End of tenancy problems

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Hi, can anyone please advise. We left our property a week ago, we were served notice as the landlady wanted to completely gut and renovate our cottage. It is riddled with damp and rot and has been for sometime (we lived there 5 years) although she was aware of the problems, she chose to ignore them and instead focused on less important matters, like painting outside/attending thatch etc. We never complained, despite the house being in a bad way (wish I had now!) anyway, as it was earmarked for gutting, we didn’t employ anybody to do a deep clean, we thoroughly cleaned on our last couple of days, even the carpets which are set to be ripped out. She didn’t even give us space to finish moving in peace, she was in the house while we were trying to sort things out and we were still in possession of the keys, I told her we had cleaned the floor/carpet, she told us we shouldn’t have bothered as it was coming out. So we left, handed back our keys and moved on. 2 days ago I received a voicemail from her, complaining that the carpets hadn’t been properly cleaned, and moaning the house was not as she had hoped. She also had a go at me for having some post still delivered there, and informed me (I have the proof on voicemail) that she had opened our mail, she has become totally unreasonable, I’ve been systematically changing address and all utility accounts for the house were closed prior to moving out, she only had to call and ask us to collect mail, but chose to open it instead. I feel like she’s stitching us up, we were good tenants, we never mooned about anything, even when she would ‘pop round’ without notice. I’m also concerned as our deposit certificate appears to have lapsed in 2013….and does not appear to show what happened to our money after that time. I don’t know what to do next, I tried being nice, even offering that she could hire a cleaner (despite not being needed!) and take the money from our deposit (wherever it may be) but she has refused to contact me since. Help!! Thanks, Emma.

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Hi Emma,

Contact the deposit agency named in the prescibed information the landlord gave you, they are very helpful in confirming the status of your deposit. Deductions are agreed between the two parties, so let them know what the situation is if there is a dispute. 

If you were not served the prescribed information by the landlord let us know. We offer a free service that can help you claim compensation from the Landlord.

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