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Ended Tenancy 2015 - no ADR agreed yet?!

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I ended my student tenancy in June 2015. Very quickly there were issues in retrieving my deposit (the landlord wanted me to release all £200 to her and she would then privately return what I was owed, as “the deposit service is slow”. I refused, as I wanted to know how much she wanted to take, and knew the DPS was there for my safety as well as hers. My housemates agreed to do so and received their deposits back £70 lighter.)

She wanted to charge us for various issues amounting to £70. I had already made her aware of how I disputed one of these charges, and when she listed the others I disputed several more. When I put in my counter-claim she rang me and was verbally abusive and threatening, and I have refused to contact her directly since.

I put forward a request for ADR in November 2015. My ex-landlady is not particularly computer savvy and the DPS sent her a message on how to confirm this about half a year later at my request. She has still to respond.

Is there any way of moving this situation forward without contacting her directly (partly due to the previous issues, partly as I don’t believe I have her contact details anymore…)? At the moment there is £70 of my money sat in the DPS that neither of us can get a hold of, and nothing is being done to rectify it.

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You can contact the scheme and ask them to put more effort in reaching the landlady. I think that there are legal time frames in which the landlady should reply or the scheme has to forfeit her claim. Maybe ask for such an option and offer further arguments on how she’s not willing to return this money despite clearly trying to profit on your deposit.

Other than that, you have to contact her personally and ask her to reply. 

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